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Joy 2 wheel & carry bagJoy 2 wheel & carry bag
The Joy is a portable single drive wheel, single or double treadle, supplied lacquered, assembled. The treadle boards fold flat for carrying. The flyer and bobbins fit in to the frame. It includes a sliding hook flyer and 3 large bobbins, built-in Lazy Kate, Learn to Spin leaflet and carry bag. Approx 5kg weight. Assembled and ready to go!
Updates are: orifice height has been raised by 35mm; tension spring; carry-handle incorporated in front and back frames; polyurethane conrod joint snaps into the treadle board; treadle boards mounted on flexible polyurethane hinges for quiet, maintenance-free treadling.
Single treadle - rrp £667.00 our price £650 and double treadle - rrp £689.00 inc VAT our price £670
Carry bag still available on its own for current owners - £88.00 inc VAT 

Price:    541.67  Excluding  VAT at 20%



Joy sliding hook flyer
Sliding hook flyer for Joy wheel plus one bobbin.
£10.00 inc VAT 

Price:    83.34  Excluding  VAT at 20%


Joy Freedom Flyer (Jumbo)Joy Freedom Flyer (Jumbo)
This new flyer gives you the freedom to spin your wild carder batts into fabulous, fun and funky art yarns on your Joy spinning wheel. With the enormous 25mm (1in) orifice and hooks you can spin and ply fibres, feathers, fabric, ribbons, cocoons and more. The open hooks make threading super fast and easy.
The kit includes one jumbo bobbin and will fit all existing Joy spinning wheels.
Additional bobbins available separately.
£100.00 inc VAT 

Price:    83.33  Excluding  VAT at 20%


Joy carry bag
Strong canvas bag with pockets for transporting your Joy wheel
£92.50 inc VAT 

Price:    77.00  Excluding  VAT at 20%

Joy carry bag


Threading hook for Joy or Elizabeth
little threading hook with lacquered wooden handle.
£6.50 inc VAT 

Price:    5.42  Excluding  VAT at 20%