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Mordants Mordants are required to make dyes light-fast and wash-fast. Although some dyes do not need them, mordants will enhance colours and in some cases change the shade.
Chemicals can be harmful. Please take care when using them, avoid inhailing the powder and wash skin which comes in contact with it.
Approx. amounts required: 100g mordant to 1kg fibre.
Chemical dyes
Chemical dyes Chemical dyes are quick and easy to use. Unlike natural dyes the results are more likely to be consistent.
Natural dyes
Natural dyes Natural dyes can be found extensively in plant life throughout the world. Some can be obtained in gardens and growing wild - some plants are protected species so be aware of what you are picking. To assist in providing a range of colours to complement locally available ones we can offer a wide variety. The colours will vary enormously depending on the amounts used, the effects of mordants and the type of material being dyed. All dyes are supplied in 100g weights unless stated. No instructions come with these dyes.

Quick Colour Dye pens Quick Colour Dye pens
Create dyed silk fabric or silk fibre in minutes using your microwave oven and one or more of these easy to use, clean pens
11 different colours to chose from. Can also be mixed like paint to obtain your own unique shades,
each 30ml. £3.50 inc VAT  

Price:    2.92  Excluding  VAT at 20%


Outliner - silver - SALE
Silver outliner for silk painting. Fine nozel or use paintbrush. Fix by ironing.
Silver only
£1.00 inc VAT.  

Price:    0.83  Excluding  VAT at 20%


Foam Brush Set -   SALEFoam Brush Set - SALE
Set of three foam brushes 500mm, 75mm and 100mm wide, which put an end to brush strokes and rogue bristles on your work.
Can be used in silk painting or for varnishing your wheel or loom.
£3.00 inc VAT. Now only £2.00 

Price:    1.67  Excluding  VAT at 20%