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Rigid heddle loom 400mm
Unlimited possibilities. Very easy to use - simple to warp and you could be weaving in minutes. Includes 7.5dpi reed, 2 shuttles, threading hooks, warping peg and clamps, Learn to Weave booklet and instructions.
Option of loom stand; table stand, second heddle kit and reeds 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5 and 15dpi available separately.

Price:    120.83  Excluding  VAT at 20%


Rigid heddle reed 400mm
available in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5 d.p.i. with wide eyes
Wide eyes means you can use chunkier, uneven yarns more easily.
£19.00 each inc VAT 

Price:    15.83  Excluding  VAT at 20%


Vari-dent reed 400mm Vari-dent reed 400mm
Now you can have complete creativity warping with your rigid heddle loom. Include art yarns, thick and thin warps and anything in between to create all manner of woven fabrics for yourself or your home.
The vari-dent reed has been designed to fit the Ashford 400, 600 and 800mm rigid heddle looms, knitter's looms and Sample-It loom.
The kit includes a selection of 50 and 100mm sections if 2.5, 7.7, 10, 12.5 and 15dpi. Simply remove the top rail to change the order of the sections and have fun!
£63.50 inc VAT  

Price:    52.92  Excluding  VAT at 20%


2nd heddle kit
Fits all sizes of Ashford rigid heddle loom - except the 200mm Sample-It loom. Comes with instructions for fitting.
You require two reeds the same length and dpi (not included).
£17.00 inc VAT 

Price:    14.17  Excluding  VAT at 20%

2nd heddle kit


Rigid Heddle Table StandRigid Heddle Table Stand
Ashford's most popular loom has become even more versatile!
With this new stand your Rigid Heddle Loom is in an upright position which is very comfortable when weaving tapestries or using other hand-manipulated techniques.
This great accessory is simple to attach and will fit all Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms regardless of width.
The angle of the stand can be adjusted to suit.
The kit includes adjustable stand with rubber feet and extra side posts to hold the reed in place.
£62.00 inc VAT 

Price:    51.67  Excluding  VAT at 20%


Rigid Heddle Floor stand 400mm
additional stand to make weaving more comforatble Sizes stated are approximate maximum loom weaving width.
400mm/16" - £110.00 inc VAT

Price:    91.67  Excluding  VAT at 20%

Rigid Heddle Floor stand 400mm


RH Loom Front Roller 400mmRH Loom Front Roller 400mm
Quick and simple to attach, this additional front roller gives you the freedom to weave longer lengths of fabric and the freedom to weave with thick weft yarns, all the while keeping the optimum sheds. Now you can weave double width projects with ease, weave rag or rya knot rugs longer and thicker, weave with super yarns, and weave multiple projects without cutting and re-leashing the warp.
£65.00 inc VAT

Price:    54.17  Excluding  VAT at 20%