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Natural (undyed) sheep fibre in tops form
Natural (undyed) sheep fibre in tops form Natural white and coloured sheep wool including native UK breeds as well as natural fine merino.
Supplied in multiples of 100g in tops form, except where stated.
B.F.L. is Blue Faced Leicester - a lovely soft fibre. Shetland is a good traditional soft fibre. Falkland is a cheaper alternative to Merino but is slightly coarser.
English and Jacob's are much coarser and easier to spin for beginners and will felt, but will take more work.

Fleece a small range of fleece from our animals and a few from friends.
Dyed fibres
Dyed fibres This range includes fine dyed merino (33 colours) and corriedale tops along with limited supply dyed fibres and fleeces
Other animal fibres
Other animal fibres This is a selection of luxury and exotic fibres including cashmere, alpaca and camel.
Silks From the luxury of golden tussah silk through to cocoons - fibres for spinning, a little used in felting, silk paper making and more.
Vegetable & other fibres
Vegetable & other fibres This is a range of fibres created by man's ingenuity from seaweed, nettles, bamboo, soya, wood and others.
Man-made fibres
Man-made fibres This small range caters for special purpose finishes with safe, generally non-allergic fibres.

Eucalan Wool WashEucalan Wool Wash
No rinse delicate wool wash in a selection of fragrances.
Natural moth and flea inhibiting properties. Scented with natural essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrance
Excellent for wool and other natural fibres and great for synthetic fibres too
Preparation before storing garments for any period of time
Washing pets, their bedding or blankets (it’s a natural flea inhibitor)
100ml bottle
£4.00 inc VAT 

Price:    3.33  Excluding  VAT at 20%